Affordable Access Solution for Self-Storage Units

Secure vacant units and overlock overdue ones. Grant unit access instantly when tenants pay.

✓ Offer 24/7 Instant Access

✓ No Retroffiting Required

Automate on a Budget

Solve Instant Access with
Combination-Padlocks & an App

Keep it Simple, with Code-Padlocks

Why complicate access? Secure units with mechanical combination padlocks. No electronics, no worries!

Grant Tenants Access Instantly
Overlock Units
Stop Illegal Move-Ins & Mix-Ups
Avoid Illegal Littering

Use an App to Easily Manage Locks

Know what units to lock & when. Let an app send unlock codes automatically 24/7 when a tenant pays their unit.

Easy Task List for Your Team
Send Unlock Codes Automatically
Supports Your Management Software
Manage 100s of Locks

Automate & Keep the Profits

Save yourself a fortune: With a mix of padlocks, an industry standard, and a clever app to manage them.

No Retroffitting Required
Combination Padlocks are Cheap
Easy to Test at Your Facility
Low Subscription Fee

Automate Access to 100s of Units:

Know Your Locks

Unique QR codes on every combination padlock help you tell them apart.

Never forget a PIN

Locks come with pre-programmed PINs. After a use, the app suggest a new one.

Send Unlock Codes

When a tenant pays, automatically send them an email with their unlock code!

Works with Your Software

Move-outs, transfers, and overlocks in your management software create tasks.

Tasks for Your Team

Only your staff uses the app. Tasks tell them what units to lock next time they are on-site.

We Get It: Contactless Access Should be Simple!

Self-storage businesses are automating to save, and electronic locks don't fit the bill. That's why we've built Rubik. Operators use our padlocks & app to automatically share access codes with tenants, 24/7.

This is what our customers say:

5 / 5

Been using it for a year now. Brilliantly simple – it just works!

Hinnerk Braun - Hello Storage, Germany
5 / 5

We had considered smart locks, but Rubik just made more sense.

Olivier Measures - Banana Box, France
5 / 5

Just the right mix of proven analog locks & time-saving tech.

Eric Davis - Powered Storage, USA

Getting Started

1. Book a Demo

Book a demo and find out if and how it could fit into your self-storage business operations.

2. Test the App

Try before you buy - as much as you want! If you like it, sign up and we'll help you set up.

3. Enjoy Automation

Rubik automates access and gives you peace of mind your tenants can get in 24/7.

Find out if Rubik is right for you:


Rubik's Mission:
Simple Contactless Access

At Rubik we know that self-storage owners want to offer their tenants automated, instant access to self-storage units.

But in times like these, profitability counts – and expensive smart locks just don't fit the bill.

This is why we built Rubik - an affordable solution for contactless access, using reliable combination padlocks and an intuitive app

Rubik is simple to set up and test:

  1. Book a Demo
  2. Test the App
  3. Enjoy Automation

Automate access to your self-storage units without breaking the bank. The solution is just one click away - book a demo today.

Soon, you won't have to hand over units in person anymore!

What is Rubik?

See how Rubik solves access to units:

How it Works

Discover how operators use Rubik's locks and app for easy, contactless access:


Secure The Unit

Rubik's app shows vacated and overdue units that need locking.

Your site manager locks them, then scans the QR code on the padlock with the app.

Rubik now remembers the unit, lock and unlock code for the next time you need it.


Send The Code

When a rental starts, your management software asks Rubik for the unlock code.

Then, it sends both the gate and unit access code to the tenant in one message.

This means tenants never use the app.


Return the Lock

Many operators prefer not to have access to rented units to avoid legal issues.

Before a move-in, they leave padlocks with keys in a unit, then sell it to the tenant.

Combination padlocks are returned to a drop box and later collected by your staff.

Simple Prices

Get our locks or bring your own. Pay per active padlock and year.


Rubik Padlocks

Mechanical 4-Digit Code-Locks

€ 20/lock
30 A$/ lock
  • QR-Code on the Lock
  • 4-Digit Unlock Code Pre-Set
  • 1 Year of App-Use FREE

Rubik App

For Android & iPhone

€ 3/lock & year
5 A$/ lock & year
  • Easily Manage 100s of Locks
  • Connect Management Software
  • Only Pay Actively Used Locks

Shipping & handling are charged separately. Additional taxes and customs fees might apply.


Are Rubik padlocks digital?

No. Rubik intentionally uses mechanical combination padlocks. Operators with smart lock experience prefer this simple solution.

Can my tenants keep the code padlock?

Most operators prefer to have their tenants return our locks. But yes, you can set that tenants keep the lock during their rental.

How many locks do I need?

As many as you have vacant & overlocked units at any time. If your tenants keep the locks, you'll need one per unit.

Do tenants use Rubik's app?

No, only your team uses the app to lock units. Your management system gets the unlock code from Rubik and sends it to your tenant.

Is Rubik a lot more work?

Are you checking units after a tenant moved out? This is when you use Rubik to secure the unit, too. It barely adds work.

Is Rubik unsafe compared to smart locks?

No. Rubik's locks secure vacant units or overlock occupied ones. Tenants typically use a padlock with keys – this determines their level of safety.

Can I log access and overlock instantly?

Most operators have an electronic gate access system that logs access and overlocks instantly.

So, what's the weakpoint?

For overlocks you have to go on site. Many operators don't mind: To them, it's enough when the gate access system overlocks instantly.

Do you support my management system?

We support Storeganise, Space Manager, Store365, StorApp for SiteLink, Stora and Kinnovis and are working on Storman.

Do you have an API?

Yes, Rubik has a well-documented API. Integrating takes 2 days at most. If you're interested, contact us at

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